October 2018 - Roman Castillo
Player Name:  Roman Castillo
SW Team:  U6 Sporting Wichita Juniors Red
School:  Allen Elementary
Position:  Defender
Coach:  Daniel Fiszel
Favorite Professional Team(s):  Sporting KC
Favorite Players: His brothers Mason & Kingston
Favorite Food: Rice and eggs

How Player Displays "Sporting Character":

Roman has a great attitude on and off of the field.  He is very friendly and supportive of all of his teammates.  He loves playing soccer and always works hard.  He makes the parents on both sides laugh with his goal celebrations!

September 2018 - Vitor Geromel
Player Name:  Vitor Geromel
SW Team:  U5 Sporting Wichita Elite
School:  Maize South
Position:  Midfielder and Striker
Coach:  Tommy Fiszel
Favorite Professional Team(s):  Brazil
Favorite Professional Player: Neymar Jr
Favorite Food: Curry

How Player Displays "Sporting Character":

Vitor shows exceptional sportsmanship both on and off the field.  Towards his own teammates and competitors.  He works hard, encourages others and brings his team together!

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April 2018 - A.J. Howard
Player Name:  A.J. Howard
SW Team:  01/02 Sporting Wichita Select
School:  Derby High School
Position:  Goalkeeper
Coach:  Tanner Kircher & Eusebio "Chevi" Plaza
Favorite Professional Team(s):  Sporting KC & Man U
Favorite Professional Player: Joe Hart
Favorite Food: Sloppy Joes

How Player Displays "Sporting Character":

A.J. was nominated by Coach Plaza because he shows respect, has a strong work ethic and always offers to help with tasks.  A.J. is a disciplined player who shows up early for practice, is always working to improve his game and willing to help his coaches and teammates.  He shows leadership on and off of the field.

March 2018 - Tanner Travis
Player Name:  Tanner Travis
SW Team:  09 Sporting Wichita Elite (U9)
School:  Maize Elementary School
Position:  Right Back (Defense)
Coach:  Brandon Huynh & Austin Valdivia
Favorite Professional Team:  Sporting KC
Favorite Professional Player: Graham Zusi
Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese

How Player Displays "Sporting Character":

Tanner displayed great sportsmanship in a recent game, when an opposing player was injured.  Not only did Tanner check on him but he stayed by the player's side until the opposing coach was allowed on the field.  Tanner plays passionately in games and consistently shows compassion towards others.

October 2017 - Duval Arias
Player Name:  Ernesto "Duval" Arias
SW Team:  U11 07 Sporting Wichita Select
School:  Ortiz Elementary School
Position:  Striker
Coach:  Mike Mesle
Favorite Professional Team:  Real Madrid
Favorite Professional Player: Christiano Ronaldo
Favorite Food: Lasagne

How Player Displays "Sporting Character":

Duval was nominated by his manager and coach for his inspirational comments before and during the game, positive attitude, unselfish play and his efforts to raise his own money to help pay team fees.

September 2017 - Donovan Powell
Player Name:  Donovan Powell
SW Team:  U15 03 Sporting Wichita Rojos
School:  Curtis Middle School
Position:  Goalkeeper
Favorite Professional Team:  Manchester United
Favorite Professional Player: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Favorite Food: Chicken and rice

How Player Displayed "Sporting Character":

Donovan was nominated by his coach, Dallas Fiszel, when he was seen offering encouragement to the opposing team at half time when they were down by several points!